Free Pickup and Best Price for Scrap Metal

What can be more exciting than getting a good money for your scrap?  Shri metals recycling has gained the trust of people through its reliable services. Shri metals recycling is a Non-Ferrous recycling company that collects your scrap metal around Blacktown, Paramatta, SevenHills, Sydney and the nearby suburbs. Recycling scrap metals is indeed helpful for saving our environment; contribute yourself to make our environment pollution free. Whether it is rusted metal equipment, old batteries, computer parts, electric motors, motor pumps, air con, wires or engines; Shri metals scrap recycling will buy and recycle your scrap by giving you good money for your scrap. Give us a call and our trucks with advanced digital scales and well-trained people will be there for you to pick your scrap!

*Payment methods:  EFT or Cheque (no cashable)
*Minimum Weight Requirement Conditions Apply

Free Bins for Metal Recycle

Shri metals recycling is one of the best scrap metal recyclers providing a complete scrap recycling solution across Sydney and the nearby suburbs. Shri metals recycling – a leading scrap metal dealer in Sydney helps you in industrial scrap metal recycling and commercial scrap metal recycling. Being a scrap metal merchant in NSW, we are one of the leading providers of free bins for scrap metal recycling. For scrap metal removal in Sydney and the nearby suburbs, we do have various sized bins for commercial, industrial and residential sites. Give us a call and our truck will come at your place to put free bins to dispose your scrap metals. When your bin is full, you can contact us for free pick up of bins loaded with your scrap metals.